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Scott Sohr is a Tennessee-based entrepreneur and land developer.

Scott Sohr Announces Nashville Frist Center’s New Exhibition ‘Abstractometry’
Conte Community Arts Gallery hosts exhibit from Aug. 30, 2013 – Feb. 2, 2014, says Scott Sohr of Nashville.

Scott Sohr, Nashville land developer, announces that eight of the city’s most innovative artists have recently put their talents on display at the Frist Center. First presented on Aug. 30, 2013, their work will be featured at the Frist Center’s Conte Community Arts Gallery until Feb. 2, 2014, says Scott Sohr of Nashville.

The exhibition, named “Abstractometry,” will feature works that use graphic codes such as typography and geometric patterns to express the various cultural aspects that have shaped our lives, explains Scott Sohr of Nashville.

According to Scott Sohr, Nashville will view the works of eights artists in this impressive exhibit: Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Terry Thacker, Christopher Roberson, James Perrin, Ron Lambert, Warren Greene, Patrick DeGuira and Alex Blau.

The exhibition’s title reveals the two common threads that bind these distinctive works together, defines Scott Sohr. Nashville art lovers will soon learn that abstractometry merges the word “abstract” with the idea of “metrics” to how people are defined by language, architecture, technology and other environmental elements. Scott Sohr of Nashville observes that the usage of compelling images, texts and geometric elements will explore society through music, paintings, film and collages.

Artist Alex Blau’s geometric and incredibly precise paintings contain numerous references to popular culture, notes Scott Sohr. Nashville residents and out-of-town visitors will find the most notable aspects of his work include colorful product packaging and Japanese anime. Scott Sohr of Nashville encourages attendees to appreciate the Dance Sequence videos produced by Amelia Winger-Bearskin. Remixed from nature shows, cartoons and musicals dating back to the 1960s, these arrangements are adapted from pop music and Broadway.

In Warren Greene’s beautiful paintings, the concept of loss is reinterpreted, observes Scott Sohr of Nashville. Rigid gridlines and loose atmospheric forms are applied, followed by a painstaking process that includes scraping, sanding, and finally reapplication. From the perspective of Scott Sohr, Nashville artist Terry Thacker also toys with the idea of reinvention. Throughout most of his series “Allegory: Petite Tigers,” Thacker prints images from the massive New Jersey roller coaster that was flooded and damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Another highlight of the exhibition, Ron Lambert’s “Static,” will challenge the viewer to expand their horizons, pronounces Scott Sohr. In Nashville and beyond, Lambert’s work has drawn raves. Gridded squares appear as tiny bits of civilization interposed with fragments of nature, then dissolve from the landscape only to later reappear elsewhere. The accompanying audio demonstrates an edgy and dynamic tension between these two worlds, explains Scott Sohr of Nashville.

A favorite of Scott Sohr, Nashville artist Patrick DeGuira for his ability to prove how meanings can change by simply shifting word placements to form an entirely different message. Meanwhile, James Perrin blends esoteric and evocative painting techniques within each of his works, says Scott Sohr of Nashville.

According to Scott Sohr, Nashville native Christopher Roberson finds metaphorical significance in numerous aspects of entertainment including cartoons and sports, turning these important cultural forces into art that remains open to interpretation. In both “Wett” and “Area,” Roberson alludes to the sport of basketball. Scott Sohr, Nashville entrepreneur, refers to “Smile Variations” as a whimsical series that will leave viewers with a smile.

For more information on the Frist Center, Scott Sohr of Nashville recommends visiting its website at

Q&A with Scott Sohr – Williamson County’s Arrington Retreat Development

Scott Sohr has enjoyed several decades of successful real estate development in the Southeast U.S., including several luxury communities in Middle Tennessee. One of the larger projects to date is Arrington Retreat, which Scott Sohr explains is a unique 283-acre development just south of Nashville, Tennessee. Below, Scott Sohr answers several questions about Arrington Retreat.

Q: Where is Arrington Retreat located?

Scott Sohr: Arrington Retreat is located just south of Nashville in beautiful Williamson County. Actually, the subdivision’s location is where Nashville, Franklin, and Murfreesboro intersect.

Q: The development promises country living. Does that mean it is miles away from civilization?

Scott Sohr: Not at all! One of the most unique qualities of Arrington Retreat is the fact that while it offers breathtaking landscapes and peaceful living, it is within minutes of office buildings, grocery stores, and all of the other amenities people need today.

Q: How many homes will be available in Arrington Retreat?

Scott Sohr: We are expecting 230 brand new homes to be available for sale in the community.

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Scott Sohr Talks about the Appeal of Williamson County

Serial entrepreneur and land developer Scott Sohr has led countless business projects to success throughout the years, but it’s his latest project that has him the most excited. Arrington Retreat, a neighborhood and community located in Williamson County, Tennessee, promises to be one of the hottest new areas for homebuilders.

Scott Sohr is no stranger to the area, as he spent time in Nashville during his youth and is a graduate of Franklin High School. When it came to building Arrington Retreat in Williamson County, Scott Sohr says it was a no-brainer, based on the area’s massive growth in recent years. Not only has Franklin, Tennessee, seen a population and financial boom in the past decade, but nearby Murfreesboro has also enjoyed a major boost to its local economy as well.

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FAQ with Scott Sohr - Correct Care Solutions
In this brief Q&A, co-founder Scott Sohr answers some questions about Correct Care Solutions. The company provides healthcare to both jails and prisons across the United States and has grown significantly since its inception. It employees over 3,000 people and provides services in 20 states.

Q: Please give us a little background information on Correct Care Solutions.

Scott Sohr: Sure. First of all, Correct Care Solutions is a leader in the industry of correctional health care and was established to provide healthcare services to correctional facilities across the country.

Q: Tell us a little about Correct Care Solution’s culture and atmosphere.

Scott Sohr: Jerry Boyle, as President and CEO, has developed a best-of-class team in a culture that is unique and not often seen in companies of this size.

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Acquisition of Louisville Complex by Elmington Capital Group
Firm purchases Fountain Square Apartment communities, says Chief Manager Scott Sohr.

Louisville Complex Purchased by Nashville Investor Scott Sohr and Partners
Elmington Capital Group, reported Scott Sohr, paid $22 million for the high occupancy rate properties.

Louisville Complex Purchased by Nashville Investor Scott Sohr and Partners
Elmington Capital Group invests in Fountain Square Apartments, says Chief Manager Scott Sohr.

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